Schizophrenia is a psychiatric diagnosis denoting a persistent, often chronic, mental illness variously affecting behavior, thinking, and emotion.

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- Cancer - a concern in schizophrenia patients - 5.4
- Substance abuse increases crime risk in schizophrenia patients - 5.4
- Chromosomal changes increase schizophrenia risk - 5.2
- Schizophrenia - a Molecular Explanation for Schizophrenia - 5
- Fanapt iloperidone approved for schizophrenia treatment - 4.6
- Schizophrenia linked to common genetic variations - 4.5
- Rare genetic disorder linked to schizophrenia - 4.4
- Psychotic illness appears in young age taking cannabis - 4.4
- Stress in pregnancy may lead to schizophrenia in offspring - 4.3
- Antipsychotic drugs may lead to brain loss in schizophrenia patients - 4.3

Schizophrenia books

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