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Wednesday, November 24
- High alpha carotene levels may lead to longer life
- Allotment gardeners reap healthy rewards
- New way to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria
Monday, November 22
- US company starts clinical trial using stem cells to treat macular degeneration
Saturday, November 20
- Warning Letters to caffeinated alcoholic beverages, US
Tuesday, November 16
- Homeopathy consultations can benefit arthritis patients
Saturday, November 13
- 19th AHML Congress International Homoeopathic Conference India
Friday, November 12
- Mid life cholesterol levels not linked to Alzheimer's disease
- Having severe acne may increase depression and suicide risk
Thursday, November 11
- Cancer news articles may contribute to confusion about cancer
- Paracetamol use in pregnancy may lead to childhood asthma in baby
- New risk factor for developing breast cancer
- Implementing best practices to manage childhood asthma
Tuesday, November 09
- Genetic test for lung cancer risk prompts smokers to quit
- Many physicians still have relationships with industry
Monday, November 08
- Pregnancy related morning sickness could be genetic
- Potential target identified for therapy for prostate cancer
Saturday, November 06
- Beet juice can increase blood flow to the brain in older
- New cancer research could lead to improved vaccines for cancerous tumors
Tuesday, November 02
- High calorie beverages widely available in US schools
- Exercise reduces frequency and severity of colds
- Mandatory curbs on food salt content 20 times effective
Saturday, October 30
- Genetic variants may affect risk of breast cancer
Friday, October 29
- New stool test to predict colon cancer
Thursday, October 28
- Pancreatic cancers progress to lethal stage slowly
Monday, October 18
- New Guidelines published for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation - CPR
Monday, October 11
- New gene sites linked to obesity and fat distribution
- Clinical trial of human embryonic stem cell therapy in US
Thursday, October 07
- Stem cells shape up to their surroundings
- Higher breast density increases breast cancer risk
- Life expectancy in US falls behind other countries
Wednesday, October 06
- Walnuts and walnut oil can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure
Saturday, October 02
- STD inoculation study in Guatemala was unethical - US
Saturday, September 25
- High dose aspirin reduces pain for severe headache and migraine
- Genetic patterns may predict osteoarthritis
- Acute pain is eased with the touch of a hand
- Vitamin C rapidly improves emotional state of acutely hospitalized patients
Thursday, September 23
- Avandia use is restricted for diabetes patients
- Genetic variants increase susceptibility to asthma
- Mammogram alerts may save lives from breast cancer
- Thigh length surgical stockings better to prevent blood clots
Wednesday, September 15
- Maternal deaths worldwide drop by third i.e. 34 percent
Saturday, September 11
- US to continue stem cell research
- Chest compression approach better after cardiac arrest
- Obesity in colon cancer patients increases mortality
- Function found for Alzheimer's protein APP
Tuesday, September 07
- Rosiglitazone Avandia diabetes drug should be withdrawn
- Depression risk in parents in the 1st year after child's birth
- Nonstick cookware may elevate cholesterol in children and teens
Monday, September 06
- Preventive surgeries better in breast or ovarian cancer patients
Saturday, September 04
- Novel antimalarial drug candidate identified
- Beta amyloid protein spurs formation of Alzheimer's plaques
Thursday, September 02
- Everyday stress may lead to over eating, weight gain, obesity
- Post traumatic stress disorder PTSD may lead to dementia
Wednesday, September 01
- Preventive cancer surgeries save women's lives
- Allergan agreed to pay $600 million to US Government
- Physical activity can reduce genetic predisposition to obesity
Monday, August 30
- New genomic marker for tuberculosis
- Cannabis may offer relief to patients with chronic pain
- Sports related concussions in young athletes on the rise
- Frog skin secretions may provide best antibiotics
- Genetic drivers C3 and IL-17A linked to severe allergic asthma
- Genetic variant linked to common migraine
Sunday, August 29
- Natural plant sunscreen shows promise in preventing skin cancer
- Margarines with low Omega-3 don't appear to protect heart patients
- 50% rise in oesophageal cancer rate in men
- US' Sparboe Farms initiated voluntary recall fresh shell eggs
- New Parkinson's gene is linked to immune system
- Sad depressed mothers have small babies
- Smoking increases depressive symptoms in teens
- Banana plantain and broccoli fibers could treat Crohn's disease
Saturday, August 28
- HIV virus hides in the brain
- Breastfeeding lowers type 2 diabetes risk in women
Friday, August 27
- Black rice a source of healthful antioxidants
Thursday, August 26
- Prostate cancer care cost varies with initial treatment choice
- Biosynthetic corneas restore vision in humans
Wednesday, August 25
- 19th Asian Homoeopathic Medical League Congress in India
- Cognitive behavior therapy improves ADHD symptoms in adults
- US cancer group AACR supports NIH stem cell research
Tuesday, August 24
- Rectal cancer rates rising in young individuals in US
Monday, August 23
- Bottled tea beverages contain no healthful antioxidants
- Rheumatoid arthritis signaling protein may reverse Alzheimer's disease
- Antisense may protect from Ebola and Marburg viruses
Saturday, August 21
- Researchers discover genetic link between immune system, Parkinson's disease
- Primary care doctors get little information about chronic sinusitis
- Cigarette smoke causes harmful changes in lungs even at lowest levels
Friday, August 20
- Eggs recalled in US due to Salmonella risk
- Tai Chi may reduce fibromyalgia symptoms
- Brothers of prostate cancer patients undergo more diagnostic activities
Thursday, August 19
- Headaches in teens tied to overweight, smoking and lack of exercise
- Prenatal exposure to pesticides linked to attention problems
Wednesday, August 18
- New rheumatoid arthritis criteria aim to recognise RA early
- Immune responses during pregnancy linked to schizophrenia among offspring
Tuesday, August 17
- Women who drink beer may develop psoriasis
Monday, August 16
- Obesity rates decline for many adolescents but disparities worsen
- Men more likely to cheat if they are economically dependent on female partners
- Advance toward earlier detection of melanoma
- Initial trials on new ovarian cancer tests exhibit extremely high accuracy
- New diabetes risk assessment developed
- Cancer risk found for long-term hormone therapy

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