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Monday, August 16
- Heart's sounds can help diagnose heart failure
Thursday, August 12
- Inherited brain activity predicts childhood anxiety risk
Monday, August 09
- Lack of evidence for antidepressants in Autism
- Women can get pregnant within six months of miscarriage
Thursday, August 05
- 95 genetic variants linked to cholesterol, triglycerides
Friday, July 30
- Dense bones linked to prostate cancer risk
- Implanted glucose sensor works for more than 1 year
- Molecular mechanism triggering Parkinson's disease identified
- Calcium supplements may increase heart attack risk
Wednesday, July 28
- Alcohol may reduce severity of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
Wednesday, July 21
- New research to drive novel ways of treating and preventing HIV
- Cleaning products may cause breast cancer
Friday, July 16
- Knowledge gaps in research for 20 suspected carcinogens
- NewYork-Presbyterian No. 6 hospital in US, No. 1 in NewYork
Monday, July 12
- Fellowships for outstanding research in drug use and HIV
- Salsa and guacamole important causes of foodborne disease
Saturday, July 10
- Antibodies can stop most HIV strains from infecting human cells
Thursday, July 08
- Fish oil may reduce breast cancer risk
- Cancer deaths continue to drop in US
Tuesday, July 06
- Depression may double risk of dementia & Alzheimer's disease
Thursday, July 01
- Unproven stem cell therapies marketed on Internet
Wednesday, June 30
- 49% breast cancer patients adhere to hormonal therapy regimen
Tuesday, June 29
- Sensor in insulin pump results in better blood sugar control in diabetes patients
Monday, June 28
- Statins lower prostate cancer recurrence after prostatectomy
- MMRV vaccine linked to double risk of seizures
Thursday, June 24
- Weight gain in middle age increases diabetes risk
- Tests can predict falls in Parkinson's disease
- Discussing patient safety in radiation therapy
Wednesday, June 23
- Folic acid and vitamin B12 have no beneficial effects in heart disease
Wednesday, June 16
- Vitamin B6 lowers risk of lung cancer
Tuesday, June 15
- Genes and Pesticide Exposure increases Parkinson's Disease risk
- Brain imaging findings in Alzheimer's disease associated with genetic factors
- Healthy diet lowers cataract risk in women
- Eating brown rice lowers diabetes risk
- Simple injection of TXA could save the lives of thousands of accident victims
- Apple juice improves behavior but not cognition in Alzheimer's disease patients
- Screening for cervical cancer too frequently
Monday, June 14
- Cancer risks in blood pressure medicines
Friday, June 11
- Mutations in presenilin gene may cause early onset Alzheimer's disease
Thursday, June 10
- Genetic variants may make people susceptible to autism disorder
Wednesday, June 09
- Passive smoking may lead to poorer mental health
Tuesday, June 08
- Gates Foundation commits $1.5 Billion for women's and children's health programs
Saturday, June 05
- Ipilimumab demonstrates improved survival in metastatic melanoma
- Single radiation to treat breast cancer
- Tobacco companies challenged anti smoking signs in US
Thursday, June 03
- Prolia - new injectable osteoporosis treatment for postmenopausal women
- Deep brain stimulation is an effective treatment for Parkinson's disease
- Readmission rate has increased for heart failure patients
- New docs linked to death spike in July
- Burger diet boosts asthma and wheeze in children
- New PSA test predicts if prostate cancer will return
Wednesday, June 02
- New target for antidepressants for depression and anxiety
- Epilepsy surgery has good effect
- Antidepressants in pregnancy increase miscarriage risk
- Protein CCL5 may fight against tuberculosis
- Refusal to prostate cancer surgery may impact survival
Monday, May 31
- Acupuncture's molecular effects pinned down
- World No Tobacco Day 2010 focuses on marketing of tobacco to women
- College students becoming less empathetic
Thursday, May 27
- Indoor tanning linked to melanoma
- Screening mammography for breast cancer improved
- 2 glasses milk a day tones muscles, keeps the fat away
- Early clamping may interrupt humankind's first natural stem cell transplant
- Exposure to bacteria can increase learning behavior
- Shark cartilage drug AE-941 does not improve lung cancer survival
Wednesday, May 26
- Rheumatoid arthritis incidence on the rise in women
- Vaccine hope for skin cancer sufferers
- New pathway to cheap insulin
- Blood flows differently through the brains of schizophrenic patients
- Weight loss drug orlistat may lead to liver injury
- Long term use of heartburn drugs linked to fractures
- Gene mutations lead to autism and mental retardation
- Protein regulates enzyme linked to Alzheimer's disease
- RA patients and doctors differ on disease severity assessment
- More good cholesterol is not always good for health
- Novel anti malarial drug candidate found
- Age related macular degeneration AMD affects 1 million Canadians
- Universal influenza vaccine possible in future
- Blood pressure control improved in US
Tuesday, May 25
- Education of clinicians improves prescribing for high blood pressure patients
- Symptom patterns differ between pandemic, seasonal flu in Singapore
- H1N1 may cause serious health risks for pregnant women
- Beta blockers may benefit COPD lung disease
- World leaders focus on stroke prevention, care
- New criteria proposed for diagnosing fibromyalgia
- New drug improves symptoms in autism disorder
- Physicians should help depression patients
- Supercomputer can predict heart attack
- Abdominal fat at middle age linked to dementia
- New treatment targets for malaria released
- Obesity remains an economic issue in US
- Anti aging supplements may be best taken early
- Alcohol consumption may protect against Alzheimer's Disease
- Use broad spectrum sunscreen to protect against UV rays
- New blood test to detect allergy risk
- Exercise may keep cancer patients healthier
- Type 2 diabetes increases cancer risks
- New blood test to detect food allergies
- Food insecurity increases weight gain and complications during pregnancy
- Vaccine to help people quit smoking

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