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Tuesday, May 25
- Home monitoring web based tool improves blood pressure control
- Estrogen lowering drugs minimize surgery in breast cancer patients
- A new drug may reduce inflammation and atherosclerosis
- Pregnancy doubles HIV risk in men
- Drinking less soda beverage may lower high blood pressure
Sunday, May 23
- Ginger consumption eases muscle pain by 25%
- Drinking beetroot juice boosts stamina
- Eye test for early detection of Alzheimer's and Down syndrome
Saturday, May 22
- Pesticides, chemicals, vitamin E linked to diabetes
- Simple blood test may detect ovarian cancer early
- Smoking ban would reduce heart attack admissions in hospitals
Wednesday, May 19
- Wrinkles are scarier than skin cancer for tanners
Saturday, May 15
- Ablation heart procedure reduces risk of Alzheimer and stroke
- Ear's sensory hair cells made from stem cells
Tuesday, May 11
- Parkinson's disease treatments linked to compulsive behaviors
- Restless legs syndrome appears to occur within families
- Fluctuating blood pressure increases cerebrovascular disease risk
- Eating nuts improve blood cholesterol levels
- Ulcer medicines may lead to infections and fractures
Monday, May 10
- Gene test identifies subtypes of breast cancer
Thursday, May 06
- Sulforaphane in broccoli may limit breast cancer cells
- Spouses who care for partners with dementia at higher risk of same fate
Monday, May 03
- Sleeping well leads to healthy longevity
Saturday, May 01
- Roller coasters may cause ear injury - ear barotrauma
Tuesday, April 20
- Indoor tanning may be an addictive behavior
Monday, April 19
- Candy like nicotine products could lead to accidental poisoning
Sunday, April 18
- Robotic therapy can improve limb movement years after stroke
Saturday, April 17
- Health, life insurers hold $2 billion in fast food stocks
Thursday, April 15
- A single dose of aspirin can reduce migraine headache pain
- Air pollution exposure at schools linked to childhood asthma
- New gene in hair loss identified
- Anticonvulsant medications linked to increased risk of suicide
- New gene linked to Alzheimer's disease
- Women can be blinded by jealousy, unpleasant emotions
- Weight loss surgery lowers pregnancy complications in obese
- Artificial pancreas successfully controls blood sugar more than 24 hours
Tuesday, April 13
- Nuts, fish, poultry and fruits reduce Alzheimer's disease risk
Monday, April 12
- Eating disorder cutoffs miss some of sickest patients
- Adolescent drinking adds to risk of breast disease breast cancer
Friday, April 09
- Fruit and vegetable may not reduce cancer risk
Thursday, April 08
- Gene biomarker to identify smokers for lung cancer risk
- Smoking may increase multiple sclerosis risk
- Lasting lung damage in rescue workers from 9/11 WTC dust
- Vitamin supplements do not reduce high BP risk during pregnancy
Tuesday, April 06
- Teen birth rate fell 2 percent in US
- BRCA mutation increases breast cancer risk in opposite breast
Thursday, April 01
- Dutasteride reduces prostate cancer risk in high risk men
Wednesday, March 31
- Chocolate reduces blood pressure and heart disease risk
- Isolated DNA Claims are Not Patentable, US
Thursday, March 25
- Chemical in banana a potent inhibitor of HIV infection
- Clinic based HIV prevention is effective in reducing risk behaviors
- New form of insulin Afrezza can be inhaled
- Comprehensive approach reduces MRSA in french hospitals
- Weight focused counseling with bupropion help women quit smoking
- Flexible shoes better for arthritic knees in osteoarthritis
- Walnuts may help fight prostate cancer
- Tuberculosis cases hit record low despite recent outbreak, US
Wednesday, March 24
- Curcumin in turmeric may delay liver damage, cirrhosis
Tuesday, March 23
- Organ donations are decreasing in US
- Infants should get vitamin D supplementation
- Replacing saturated fat with PUFA is good for the heart
Monday, March 22
- Infertility increases prostate cancer risk in men
- Seaweed reduces fat uptake by 75%, can fight obesity
Saturday, March 20
- Increase funding for global fight against malaria
- Noscapine may reduce tumor growth in prostate cancer patients
Friday, March 19
- Emergency contraception does not reduce pregnancy rates
- Deep brain stimulation may reduce epileptic seizures
- Loneliness feeling may increase blood pressure
- Omega 3 curbs precancerous growths in those prone to bowel cancer
- Drug resistant tuberculosis now at record levels, says WHO
- Extreme obesity affecting more children at 10 - 12 years of age
Monday, March 15
- Safely reduce BP in patients with diabetes and heart disease
Saturday, March 13
- Thimerosal in vaccine cannot cause autism - vaccine court, US
Thursday, March 11
- Choosing VBAC or plan a repeat cesarean delivery
- Osteoporosis drugs linked to atypical fractures
- Warfarin may lead to brain bleeding following stroke treatment
Tuesday, March 09
- Women who drink moderately appear to gain less weight
- Dietary supplements discouraged for prostate cancer patients
- Bone marrow can harbor HIV infected cells
- Sleep differences among Asians, African-Americans, Hispanics and whites
Saturday, March 06
- Genomic sequencing of difficult breast cancers
- Vitamin D deficiency linked to skin cancer
- Sleep bruxism common in stressed people
Friday, March 05
- Weight loss diets reduce atherosclerosis
- Pneumococcal vaccine offers protection to HIV infected
- Review policies for childhood obesity, US
- Soluble fiber boosts immune system and immunity
- Radiotherapy delay increases breast cancer recurrence risk
- HbA1c accurately predicts future diabetes
Thursday, March 04
- Ethosuximide is preferred for childhood epilepsy
Monday, March 01
- Obese kids show early warning signs for future heart disease
Tuesday, February 23
- Safety concern for HIV drug combination
- Exercise can reduce anxiety symptoms by 20 percent
- Sepsis and pneumonia cost $ 8.1 billion to treat
- FDA reviewing Avandia, rosiglitazone and cardiovascular safety
- New policy on choking prevention in young children
- Acupuncture lessens depression symptoms during pregnancy
- Virus hybridization could create pandemic bird flu
- Stress raises memory loss in older diabetics
- High blood pressure a neglected disease in US

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