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Tuesday, February 23
- Racial differences in lung cancer beliefs
Monday, February 22
- Dust from distant lands may affect climate and health in US, Europe
- Progesterone for traumatic brain injury tested
- Urgent need to prepare developing countries for surge in e-wastes
- New tool illuminates connections between stem cells and cancer
- Boost brain power with oats
- Flexibility at work boosts employee health
- New approaches developed to treat food allergy sufferers
- Testosterone deficiency affects male cancer survivors' quality of life
- Green tea may help fight glaucoma and other eye diseases
Friday, February 19
- New safety controls for asthma drugs, US
- Creating personalized biomarkers from tumor DNA to treat cancer
Wednesday, February 17
- Autism's earliest symptoms not in infants under 6 months
- Egyptian pharaoh King Tutankhamun died of malaria
- Secondary stroke prevention needs improvement
- Genetic link between breast density and breast cancer
- Botulinum injection may prevent migraine pain
- Pain drugs do not appear to be associated with skin cancer risk
- Sleep apnea OSA decreases frequency of nightmare recall
- Frequent screening for women over 41 is low after HPV Vaccination
- New safety plan for agents used to treat chemotherapy related anemia
Tuesday, February 16
- Autistic people don't want hugs
- Sleepiness raises motor vehicle accidents in students
Saturday, February 13
- Chocolate may lower stroke risk
Friday, February 12
- Drinking milk during pregnancy lowers baby's risk of multiple sclerosis
- Anxious peoples tend to over react
Thursday, February 11
- Migraine may double risk of heart attack
Wednesday, February 10
- Women with gout at greater risk of heart attack
Tuesday, February 09
- India proposes new Rural Medical Course BRMS
- Few US women take tamoxifen to prevent breast cancer
Friday, January 29
- Blood test can predict rheumatoid arthritis early
- A mind at rest strengthens memories
- Rotarix effective in severe diarrhea in developing world
- Smokers at risk from their own second hand smoke
- Symptoms have little value to diagnose ovarian cancer earlier
Thursday, January 28
- Overweight older over 70 years live longer
Wednesday, January 27
- Antidepressant drugs may lead to lactation difficulties in moms
- Insulin research points way to better type 1 diabetes treatments
- Flame retardant exposure may lead to fertility problems
- Counterfeit weight loss drug Alli containing sibutramine
- Catheter treatment works better than drugs for heart rhythm disorder
- 125.2 million pregnant women at risk of malaria
- Victoza, liraglutide approved for type 2 diabetes
Tuesday, January 26
- Low carb diet effective at lowering blood pressure
Monday, January 25
- Mixed handed children more likely to have mental health problems
- Fashionable toilet seats, harsh chemicals may lead to dermatitis
- Fast food menus with calorie information lead to lower calorie selection
- Human running speeds of 35 to 40 mph may be biologically possible
- Copper may lead to Alzheimer's disease in older
- Blueberry juice improves memory in older adults
- Genes found linked to breast cancer drug resistance
Sunday, January 24
- Ampyra, dalfampridine approved for multiple sclerosis patients
Saturday, January 23
- Malnutrition higher in children born to child brides in India
- Obesity enhances liver cancer risk
- Quitting smoking doubles survival in lung cancer patients
- Birth weights in US have declined
Wednesday, January 20
- Promising candidates for malaria vaccine revealed
Monday, January 18
- Umbilical cord blood to treat leukemia
- Concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury
Wednesday, January 13
- Bisphenol A linked to heart disease in adults
- Gene variation linked to lower risk of dementia, Alzheimer's disease
- Green tea may reduce lung cancer risk in smokers
- Rate of increase for obesity in US slowing
- Yoga reduces inflammation, stress, aging
- Natural vitamin E protects brain after stroke
- Exercise may prevent, improve cognitive impairment
Tuesday, January 12
- Physicians' moods affect quality of care
- Weekend strokes may receive more aggressive treatment
- Hospital superbug MRSA diffused by patients
- Two new genes identified causing ankylosing spondylitis
- Gene linked to aggressive form of prostate cancer
Monday, January 11
- Testing gene therapy for Alzheimer's disease
- Metformin safe for patients with heart failure and diabetes
- Each pound at birth lowers risk of developing TB
- Deep brain stimulation successful for depressive patient
- Why light worsens migraine headaches
- Vaccinate against H1N1 Flu and Seasonal Flu
- Vaccine may cure chronic myeloid leukemia CML
- Brain imaging may help diagnose autism disorder
- Actemra, tocilizumab approved for Rheumatoid Arthritis
- Stressing the benefits of quitting smoking helps smokers
Sunday, January 10
- Airport full body scanners are safe, says ACR
Thursday, January 07
- Pomegranates may prevent breast cancer growth
- Fat mass helps build bone mass in girls
- Abuse in childhood may lead to migraine
- Study provides insight into pathway linked to obesity
- Circumcised men are less likely to become HIV infected
- Running shoes may cause damage to knees, hips, ankles
- Educated parents may have autistic children
- Restaurant and packaged foods can have more calories than nutrition
- Cell phone may boost memory in Alzheimer's disease patients
Tuesday, January 05
- Childhood metabolic measurements may predict diabetes development years later
- Do not rely upon kitchen spoons when measuring liquid medicine
- Breast cancer screening should begin at age 40
- Insect cells provide the key to alternative swine flu vaccination
- Few Americans receive adequate treatment for depression
Monday, January 04
- H1N1 influenza severity linked to Streptococcus pneumoniae
- Pharmacists improve care of diabetics, lowering monthly costs by $212 per patient
- Ginkgo biloba does not appear to slow rate of cognitive decline
Sunday, January 03
- Restless leg syndrome linked with erectile dysfunction in older men

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