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Sunday, January 03
- Children more likely to catch swine flu or pandemic H1N1 virus
- Preparing for successful aging in the new year 2010
- Putting limits on antioxidant vitamin E
Saturday, January 02
- Biomarkers for ovarian cancer rise a year before diagnosis
- Smoking increases AMD risk even after age 80
- Earlier bedtimes may protect adolescents against depression
Thursday, December 31
- TENS device for pain not recommended for chronic low back pain
Tuesday, December 29
- H1N1 vaccine clinics open to all, Oklahoma
Monday, December 28
- Vitamin C boosts reprogramming of adult cells into stem cells
Friday, December 18
- Leprosy susceptibility genes reported in a genome study
- Embryonic stem cell lines lack genetic diversity
- Cannabis in teens can cause depression and anxiety
- Synthetic platelets halve clotting time, halt bleeding
- Food aromas may prevent overeating helping obese
- New golden ratios for female facial beauty
- Human protein may prevent H1N1 influenza infection
Thursday, December 17
- H1N1 vaccination to include all patients in Pennsylvania, US
- MRSA infection increases hospital cost $60000 per patient
- Routine HIV screening in community boosts HIV testing
- Obesity increases the risk for obstructive sleep apnea
Wednesday, December 16
- Myopia or nearsightedness more common in Americans
- High leptin levels may protect against Alzheimer's disease, dementia
- Antidepressants may raise stroke risk in postmenopausal women
Tuesday, December 15
- Obesity epidemic taking root in Africa
- 50% American children with mental disorders receive professional services
- Young looking people live longer
- Tykerb with Herceptin increases advanced breast cancer survival
- H1N1 flu toll rose to 92 in Pune, India
- New genes for lung disease discovered
- Moderate weight loss improves heart function in obese
- Drinking coffee or tea reduces diabetes risk
- CT scans radiation raise cancer risk
Monday, December 14
- PRO 2000 anti HIV gel is ineffective
Sunday, December 13
- Herceptin with chemotherapy improves breast cancer survival
Friday, December 11
- MRI detects breast cancer at earlier stage
- Human Genome Sequencing decoded in India
- Pistachios may reduce lung cancer risk
- Fast, accurate urine test for pneumonia
Thursday, December 10
- Stem cell transplant may reverse sickle cell disease
- H1N1 Flu Vaccine to all Illinoisans, US
Wednesday, December 09
- Stem cells may recover lost vision in cloudy cornea
- Caution about mammography use among women younger than 40 years
- Oxygen appears effective in treating cluster headache
- Hops compound xanthohumol may prevent prostate cancer
- Soy food lowers breast cancer recurrence
- Antidepressant may change personality while relieving symptoms
Tuesday, December 08
- Isolation and stress contribute to breast cancer risk
Sunday, December 06
- Secondhand smoke exposure increases lung cancer risk
- New 3 drug combination for multiple myeloma patients
- Vitamin D supplements might help lymphoma patients
- Cannabis is beneficial for multiple sclerosis
- Cooling may benefit children after cardiac arrest
- Nutrition affects aging, Proteins decisive for healthy aging
- Green tea may help brain disorder patients
Friday, December 04
- 177 new cases of H1N1 flu, 4 schools shut in Delhi
- Kalbitor, ecallantide, approved for treating hereditary angioedema
- A new drug may improve Hepatitis C
- Breastfeeding protects women from metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease
- Cell phone usage not causing brain tumor
- Stem cells may rescue vision in AMD patients
Thursday, December 03
- Pine bark improves visual acuity in diabetic retinopathy
- South Americans may have a higher stroke risk
- Obesity in US population, more are overweight
- Childhood lead exposure causes permanent brain damage
- Balancing protein intake may be key to long life
- Youth with type 1 diabetes linked to insulin resistance
- Ecstasy use may lead to sleep apnea
- Sugary cola drinks increase gestational diabetes risk
- Successful weight control strategies for adolescent obesity
- Glucose intolerance in pregnancy may lead to heart disease
- Fear of anxiety linked to depression
- Red Ribbon Express launched on World Aids Day
- Breast ultrasound can reduce breast biopsies in young women
- Aspirin may protect from AMD vision loss
Wednesday, December 02
- Lonely people spread the feeling to others
- Excessive physical activity and exercise may lead to knee osteoarthritis
- New stem cell technology for complicated bone fractures
Monday, November 30
- Law to prevent doctors from taking pharma gifts
- Cancer mortality declined in Europe
- Men and women may respond differently to danger
- Ghrelin can slow Parkinson's disease
Sunday, November 29
- Novartis' Agriflu seasonal influenza vaccine approved in US
Friday, November 27
- Diabetes spending will be triple in US
- Fat around the middle increases dementia risk in women
- High salt intake linked to stroke and heart disease
- Pregnancy hormone may prevent breast cancer
Wednesday, November 25
- Novartis inaugurates influenza vaccine manufacturing facility
- Human swine influenza virus mutation found
- Chronic pain increases risk of falls in older adults
- Vioxx trial data shows early heart risk
- Superbug MRSA on rise in hospital outpatients, US
Tuesday, November 24
- Alcohol in pregnancy leads to child behavior problems
- Ultrasound enhances noninvasive Down syndrome tests
- Mechanism for cell death after stroke revealed
- Measuring and modeling blood flow in malaria
- Lead, tobacco smoke raises ADHD risk
- Germs on skin are good for us
- Metals and diesel emissions lead to respiratory symptoms in children
Monday, November 23
- Safety of pandemic H1N1 vaccines monitored by WHO
Friday, November 20
- Cervical cancer screening should be less frequent

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